Journey of Tally Software

Journey of Tally Software

In earlier days before nineties, accounting and day to day business transaction was done by maintaining Book keeping registers. Each transactions were manually written and in different registers say day book, ledger posting & then summed up to trial balance by the aid Munimji. Maintaining and handling the piles of account books manually took lot of time and efforts of the accountant with the risk of human error, which would get rectified only when the accounts were reconciled again. Even small & medium level companies had half a dozen people to do the regular book keeping & maintain the books of accounts. Most of the time they were never updated & the owners get to see the reports delayed by weeks or months in some case. So it was a challenge but accepted norm, since nobody has tasted the real benefit of an automated accounting system.


It was in mid eighties, 1987 to be precise when a company in Bangalore by the name of “Peutronics Pvt. Ltd.” introduced a software called PFA which made a huge impact in the way computers were used to manage accounting. The design was made so that the accountant could relate immediately and the codeless structure assured that there is no change in the way the debtors & creditors are referred.
The next Software from Peutronics saddle took the name of “Tally” and the release revolutionized the way accounting was done in India. It made headlines and also gained popularity among the trader community. Every business got now reason to invest in a computer system which was quiet expensive at that time.

It was the period when computers generation had began in India and Tally Accounting software had stared the journey into the accounting world. From the born of the software till date Tally has made tremendous changes as per business requirement and market trends. Let’s check out the Journey of Tally from its First version till date.

The biggest success came with Tally 4.0 & later Tally 4.5 which took the popularity of the software to new heights. The software was adopted across india in a big way.

Tally Software was capable of accounting all the business activities like Sales, Purchase, Expenses and Incomes etc of the Company on day to day basis.

The first version of Tally 4.5 was introduced in MS Dos operating system which was purely an accounting software. With the great response and success the second version Tally 5.4 was brought in windows operating system which focused on trading business which included the feature of  inventory and Multi Currency.

In third version Tally 6.3 synchronization concept was initiated wherein the company data can traverse between multiple locations smoothly. The entrepreneurs were able to analyze their inventory and financial reports at real time environment.

The fourth version i.e. Tally 7.2, statutory compliance was introduced wherein data can be smoothly handled and stored. With the successful response and good database structure in 2005, Tally address on multiple taxes i.e. VAT, TDS, TCS and Services Tax and payroll feature were brought wherein the company can maintain and  generate the Employee details and salary.

In fifth version Tally 8.1 Tally focused Multi Lingual facility for Users who lacked English language thus brought Hindi,Marathi, Tamil etc languages in Tally.

In sixth version Tally 9 enhanced the Payroll Salary Module and introduced excise capability for dealer. Tally also brought Export feature wherein you can export any report or transaction from tally to excel reducing the time and effort for punching all the details in excel for calculation again.

Now the current version is Tally.ERP9. The purpose of this version covers complete Business process of ERP. Tally.ERP9 is used to implement accounting, Inventory, Statutory and Taxation, CAAT tools (Audit tools) for Chartered Accountants with a complete security system. It is a real time data entry tool with the capabilities of Remote session which helps to enter, edit and view real time reports from distance place. We can also maintain the Banking processes like, cheque printing, Bank Reconciliation based on more than 300 bank, Cheque management, deposit slip, payment advice. Excise concept like Dealer, Manufacture and Importer were also maintained with Job Work Process.

Tally provides regular updates to simplify the entire statutory capabilities. Touching the concept of taxation Tally has simplified the complex operation of filing E-Returns from tally.

In short Tally.ERP 9 includes all the important aspects required to run the business like accounting day to day transaction, taxation, Payroll, financial reports, Maintaining inventory etc i.e. Complete control on all the activities carried out to run the business and is still continuously developing and updating new release considering the requirement of his customers as “Customer Delight” has been the aim of Tally Solutions.

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